Buscho Farms is located just outside of Faribault, MN.  We breed and raiseregistered colored angora goats.  These beautiful goats grow a fiber called mohair that is used for all sorts of fiber crafts from spinning to felting to doll hair and more.  Mohair is very soft  with lots of luster and is anywhere from slight waves to chunky curls to tight ringlets. 

I fell in love with the angora breed years ago when I was raising registered dairy goats.  The angora breed quickly won me over and I soon was changing the direction of my herd from dairy to fiber.  

These goats bring such joy year round.  Angoras are sheared both spring and fall.  They grow around 1" of fiber per month.  Currently we have close to 100 angoras and they grow mohair in every color you can think of.  The does are bred late fall for late spring kids.  Kidding season is always so exciting, it is like Christmas over and over and over!!!

Our goats are fed a complete feed that is made by Big Gain.  They also get loose goat minerals and kelp.  Kelp is a wonderful source of natural iodine and since we started to provide kelp, the goats are producing better mohair and the kids that are born are stronger and far more active from the moment they are born.  

We are blessed to be able to grow our own hay, so summers are spent cutting and baling to prepare for the months when the goats cannot be out on pasture.  To get through the months when the animals cannot be out on pasture we have to put up 3,000+ small squares of hay and 40+ round bales of hay.

We have a closed herd.  Our herd has been tested and is negative for CL, CAE & Johnes.  

Our animals are bedded with chopped corn stalks that come from the corn that we crop farm.  The goats love the corn stalks and usually eat a lot of what we put down for them.  Sometimes someone will find an ear of corn in the bedding.  That is like finding the best prize ever and they are quite happy when an ear is found. 

On top of the angora goats, we also have a small herd of huacaya alpaca, 2 babydoll sheep, 1 llama, 2 mini donkeys, 6 horses, silkie chickens, laying chickens, peafowl and a couple of dairy goats that I kept because they just held a special spot here.