The Chickens

We also have some pretty interesting chickens as well.  We breed and raise paint silkie chickens, molted silkie chickens (this is a project color that is being worked on) and sizzle/frizzle/smooth silkie chickens.  In each silkie pen there are also showgirls. These naked neck chickens are always a favorite.

 This year we added blue laced red wyandottes from some amazing breeders and are looking forward to eggs and babies from these as well.

There are also many egg laying chickens that free range on the farm.  In this group there are pure breeds, like marans and Columbian wyandottes, and mixes that give us olive and blue colored eggs.  There is nothing better then fresh eggs from free ranging chickens.

We offer eggs for eating and eggs for hatching from all chickens and when available, we have chicks for local sale as well.  Contact for availability and pricing.